Student Services and Support

Life doesn’t stop while you’re studying and you may find that connecting with your student support services unit is very helpful. Student services offered by education providers differ between institutions and can include counselling, financial assistance/welfare support (which can mean assistance with Centrelink documents), disability and equity services, health services, career development and job seeking services, and chaplaincy. You may also be able to apply for bursaries and emergency student loans. Some education providers also offer assistance with child care.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support

In addition to student services units, education providers generally have a dedicated student support unit for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students which provides continuing support across your years of study.  Assistance often consists of pathways to university programs, orientation programs, and a culturally supportive environment to enhance the student experience. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can also access support through student services and equity services units.

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Academic Support Services

To ensure that you reach your full potential, education providers also offer many academic support services. These take the form of study programs, assignment writing workshops and library familiarisation workshops. Here are links to each education provider’s learning centres. Other useful learning opportunities may also be offered on the library page of education provider websites.

Students from Refugee and/or CALD Backgrounds 

Most education providers offer English language support for students who are new to Australia to assist them on their academic journey. Many also have clubs and societies including refugee and CALD clubs.

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Students with Disabilities

All Queensland education providers mentioned on this site provide support to students with disabilities to increase accessibility and ensure students can perform at their optimum level. If you identify as living with a disability, it is recommended that you contact the relevant disability service at your education provider to discuss what support services could be available to you. If you sustain an injury or are diagnosed with an illness that could potentially impact your studies, it is also recommended that you contact the relevant disabilities service.

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Student Unions and Associations/Clubs and Societies

Some education providers have student organisations run by students for students. Some may have professional staff that assist in providing a range of support services and social activities. In the case of student unions, elections may be held on an annual basis to elect student representatives. Support services and social activities depend on the education provider and campus and may include sporting events, food and other facilities, clubs and societies, parties and events, counselling and advocacy services, equity support, employment services, support around gender and sexuality issues and legal and welfare assistance.