Education providers have a wide range of equity scholarships and academic scholarships available to students to assist with the cost of study.  Some of these are internal (funded by university or VET providers) and others are external made available by government, business and industry groups. You may be eligible to apply for some or all of these scholarships, though it is unlikely you will be awarded more than one. 

While some scholarships are based on academic results, others are not. Many students don’t apply for scholarships believing only those who have achieved excellent academic results will be eligible. This is not the case, for example equity scholarships are developed specifically to assist people based on their personal circumstances. Scholarships are often not awarded simply because people don’t apply for them. There is only one guarantee relating to scholarships, if you don’t apply you definitely won’t get one!
Check the websites of preferred education providers for information about the availability of academic, equity and other scholarships. 

Academic Scholarships

Equity Scholarships


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are eligible to apply for equity scholarships in addition to a variety of scholarships offered both internally through education providers and externally through government, business and industry groups where scholarships are offered exclusively for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.  

Refugee and/or CALD Scholarships

As a Refugee and/or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Background (CALD) student, you are eligible to apply for academic and equity scholarships through your education provider. If there isn’t a dedicated section for Refugee and CALD scholarships there may still be scholarships specific to you in the Equity Scholarship list.  As specific scholarships are subject to change they are not linked to directly on the You to Uni site.

Other Scholarships/Financial Support

It is also worthwhile looking out for scholarships in your local area. Organisations such as Zonta, Lions and Rotary may offer scholarships.