When you are considering your options for returning to study, it is important to be aware that qualifications (diploma level or higher) have entry requirements. You will need to check the minimum entry requirements for the programs you are interested in. 

The most common entry requirement is called a selection rank. A selection rank may be assigned based on a range of factors:
  • whether you have completed Year 12
  • whether you have obtained an OP
  • whether you have completed a preparatory program like the Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation
  • whether you have completed any other qualifications (such as a certificate III or higher)
  • whether you have any professional qualifications (such as trade certificates or enrolled nurse qualifications or similar)
  • whether you have an employment history (more than six months full-time paid work)
  • whether you have completed (or intend to complete) the STAT test
Your selection rank will determine the programs you can apply for. However, if you don’t have the rank you need, you could consider other options or upgrading pathways to achieve your goals.
QTAC also offers an educational access scheme, developed by education providers to assist prospective students who have experienced circumstances which have negatively impacted on their studies. If you meet the eligibility requirements for the scheme you could receive “bonus ranks” making your application for a preferred program more competitive. There are five categories of hardship covered through this scheme: Financial, Home Environment and Responsibilities, English Language Difficulty, Personal Illness and Disability, Educational Disruption.
Some universities offer bonus rank schemes. Bonus ranks can be based on your location or subjects you have undertaken before applying to university. You could get between five and ten bonus points under these schemes so they are worth investigating. 

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Entry requirements may also include completion of prerequisites. The most common pre-requisite is satisfactory completion of Year 12 English (or equivalent); however there may also be a requirement for particular maths and/or science subjects. Prerequisites are also subject to change so check with your education provider for the most current information. There may also be a requirement to demonstrate English language proficiency, especially if English is not your first language. You may be required to complete a test such as the International English Language Proficiency Testing System (IELTS) or similar. If you are interested in working in the health sector (such as nursing) you may be required to complete an Occupational English Test instead. If you do not have the required prerequisites you may be able to gain these by completing certain preparatory programs.


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